The Mentorme program creates an environment for young people to tap from the wealth of knowledge and experience of professionals who have trod on the same path as them as they navigate through their academic and career journey. The program focuses on 3 main areas – academic, career, and positive youth development.


The goals of the Mentorme program are:

    • Develop leaders.
    • Improve communication skills in young people.
    • Enable knowledge transfer.
    • Drive academic and career growth.
    • Build professional relationships.

    Through the Mentorme program, Dream Rite creates a people-centric culture that focuses on building meaningful relationships with young people to support their life journey. Young people have loads of questions as they seek to understand their world as it unfolds. They seek an opportunity to refine their crucible of ideas and thoughts into meaningful propositions of value in their environment. A mentoring program like this provides an opportunity for a relationship of value between young people navigating uncharted paths and professionals currently working in their desired career paths.

    Detail information about the program can be found in the program guide available here.