Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. - Malcolm X

Mentors are catalyst for young people – their experience helps mentees to avoid needless trials and errors and positions them on a productive path to achieve their academic and career goals quickly. Mentors in this program possess good academic track records, enviable professional characteristics, and a sense of self-discipline. They are passionate about passing on life-long skills that will help younger people reach their goals and gain meaningful experience while doing so.

Mentors in the Mentorme program serve 3 main roles in their relationship with mentees – Counselor, Consultant, and Cheerleader. Mentors use their wealth of industry knowledge acquired over the years to counsel mentees on the best course of action. Mentors listen, guide, and share their unique experiences where necessary to provide opportunities for mentees to use the mentor’s experience as guidance for forming theirs. Everyone needs support systems to thrive in any endeavor, mentors in this program are signed up to be one of the best cheerleaders for their assigned mentees.

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