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If you are planning for a year, sow rice. If you are planning for a decade, plant trees. If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people. – Chinese Proverb

The Cause

The survival of the African continent centers on the people rising above mediocrity to envision and create a better world than their present realities. For the people to rise, they must be well equipped with a voice that can be heard. Education is a paramount tool that makes people a voice where they otherwise could have been an echo.

At Dream Rite, we believe that every child deserves a chance to go to school, regardless of his or her family’s economic situation. The untold impact of inadequate support for education in Africa is directly evident on the gross level of under-development in the continent. This is coupled with corruption at almost every level of interaction. The result is an opportunistic atmosphere for some people to take advantage of the uninformed in the community.

The most enduring way to fix these issues is to create and support educational initiatives, especially for the less privileged. Education is the key to unlocking potentials in every child to engineer and to build a better tomorrow for themselves.

Since its inception in 2015, Dream Rite has been advocating and supporting educational causes and has impacted over 2,500 lives through various educational initiatives. Our mission strategy is founded on 3 keywords – educate, engage, and empower. The results of our program reveal one fact – that young people in Africa need help going to school or making education a priority.

We have a huge demand and opportunity for our free educational programs across multiple locations. Our goal is to do this at scale so we can reach more young people and give them hope for tomorrow.

The world can no longer look away, we must rise to support educational initiatives across Africa. The future we do not intentionally create becomes the burden we unintentionally carry. We believe that education holds the key to the future, and we all have the power to make that key unlock possibilities for a child’s future.

Let us do this together! We invite you to join us in giving hope to the future of young people in Africa by supporting our educational initiatives.

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Give hope to the future of
young people in


Support educational initiatives and economic opportunities for young people. Educate, engage, and empower.

Core Values

Service to humanity – a great privilege and opportunity to lead change initiatives in our community.


Olu Efunwoye
- Founder
Maryland, United States
Babatunde Ijiyemi
Maryland, United States
Joyce Roberson
Alabama, United States
Tosin Akinyinka
Maryland, United States
Olabisi Adekola
Lagos, Nigeria
Timothy Adereti
Maryland, United States