The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. – Martin Luther King, Jr

When you develop critical thinking, you no longer take things for granted. You start questioning why things are the way they are. You learn about people who saw something wrong and had the courage to do things differently in their personal lives, or lead a nation to an impactful transformation. Yes, you need courage and tenacity, but when you get an education, you start realizing you can make a difference too.

The SEED Scholarship is a direct sponsored scholarship backed by individuals who have elected to sponsor the education of students in high school. This program creates a relationship arrangement where a sponsor can provide direct support for a child’s education. There are two categories of sponsorship arrangements for this scholarship described below. Whichever category the sponsorship falls into, sponsors provide the scholarship as a SEED to secure the future of a child.

Pull-based Sponsorship

In this sponsorship arrangement, Dream Rite seeks individuals who would be willing to sponsor a child under this scholarship program. The sponsor commits to the child’s education for all or some of the child’s high school years. This scholarship is both merit-based and need-based and is very competitive as there are only a few current sponsors available. The more sponsors we have who are interested in sponsoring a child’s education, the more scholarship slots we can provide. With as little as $300 per year ($25/month) or less, anyone can sponsor a child’s education.

Enrollment opportunities will be announced every year if enough sponsors are waiting to be matched with a child in need of sponsorship. The announcement will include information about eligibility criteria for the scholarship including location. The application process for this scholarship will be in 4 phases as follows:

  • Phase I – Application: Interested applicants will apply online
  • Phase II – Review: The SEED Scholarship review team will review the application and decide if the applicant should be invited for a written test. The written test will align with the applicant’s appropriate grade level.
  • Phase III – Testing: Applicants complete the written test
  • Phase IV – Decision: The SEED Scholarship review team will review the entire application package considering the strength of the application and test result to decide on the scholarship.

Push-based Sponsorship

In this sponsorship arrangement, individuals looking to sponsor the education of a known child or a family member engage Dream Rite to undertake the scholarship for the child. This arrangement allows individuals to sponsor students they already know but leverages the structure provided at Dream Rite to deliver the sponsorship to the child. With this approach, coordination of all academic engagement is routed through Dream Rite to the sponsor. This sponsorship in this category can be a one-time or renewable scholarship depending on the sponsor’s plan.

We have several children in need waiting to be matched with a sponsor, your decision to sponsor a child can be the life-changing opportunity the child has been hoping for. Are you interested in picking up the tab to give a child hope through educational sponsorship? Please make the move today. Got questions? Use the contact details on our contact us page.

You can also click on the Sponsor Now button below to send in your first sponsorship payment and then send us an email at