Dream Rite - Dreamers College Fund | Overview
Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. - Malcolm X

The future of our world hinges on us equipping our leaders of tomorrow with the tools necessary to prepare them for the world of greatness and opportunities that lies ahead. Young people are the acclaimed future world leaders who sometimes arrive at their future without adequate preparation for the surprises it brings. As the future unfolds, the stakes are too high for us to wait idly before we prepare for it.

We are collectively responsible for the future that is bestowed upon our world, and that responsibility includes providing the opportunity for our future leaders to get the best education. One of our missions at Dream Rite is to provide academic support to students and the Dreamers College Fund scholarship program is one of the many ways we are fulfilling this mission. Young people should be able to dream of a better higher education without worrying about funding for their education.


This scholarship program aims to give college funding opportunities to college-bound students who demonstrate astute academic prowess. Oftentimes students who come from financially challenged families and have records of high academic performance are encumbered with the burden of paying for their higher education. These students are sometimes faced with difficult choices of dropping out of school or abandoning their academic dreams.

We believe that these students are potential future innovators, business leaders, and world-changers who are reaching out with an outcry for help. This program aims to salvage such a future leader from giving up on their dream of a better future.

Students with high academic potentials should never have to give up on the pursuit of their educational dream or not for lack of funding. We believe that education refines the crucible of ideas in a man’s mind with the potential to transform our world in ways yet imagined. This program affords our future leaders with the opportunity to educate their minds to dream and translate those dreams into realities that solves everyday problems.

Young people should not have to worry about paying their school fees but rather focus on educating their minds to generate ideas engineered to make the world a better place. There should be no excuse for our younger generation not to fulfill their dream of a better education. Students who desire a higher education will be afforded the financial opportunity to achieve their dreams as long as they can prove their worthiness through the highly competitive and rigorous process established for winning this scholarship. This scholarship program will provide full funding for a 4 or 5-year university program to a few qualifying students every year.