Lessons From The Magic of Thinking Big.


by Rebecca Olakanmi

The Magic of Thinking Big talks about the need to think positively towards oneself to attain success because success is not acquired by intelligent people but by people who believe they can succeed. The thinking that guides your intelligence is much more important than how much intelligence you have. We should believe that we can succeed because the size of one’s success is determined by the size of one’s belief.


We should also cure ourselves of failure diseases which are called “Excusitis” Which includes complaining or thinking negatively towards ourselves about our health, intelligence, luck, and age as the hindrance to our success.


We should keep or interact with friends and people that will support us because success depends on the support of other people. We should get the action habit, ideas alone will not bring success except they are acted upon. We should think like a leader by putting people first in everything we do. That is, not doing things for our benefit alone but also for the benefit of others.



We should be creative and positive towards ourselves and others in order to succeed and be a success, not to let our setbacks stop us from becoming successful. 

Also learned to manage our environment that is, we should not move with negative thinkers but move with positive thinkers that will influence us positively, set goals on what we want to achieve, and work towards it because goals are essential to success.



I will surround myself with people who have real potential and people that think positively, not those that gossip. In everything we do, we should always ask ourselves do I feel guilty when I say things about other people We should set our goals by first visualizing our future in terms of three department Work, Home, and social. Give answers to these questions of what I want to accomplish with my life? What do I want to be? and What does it take to satisfy me? By acting according to these steps, there is the assurance of success and succeeding in life.



Rebecca Olakanmi hss been a beneficiary of Dream Rite SEED Scholarship program since 2018. She won the program's Scholar of the Year Award in 2020 in recognition of her excellent academic performance. She wrote this book review in 2020.




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